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Team NewsMarch 20, 2023by Stanton LawA New Look at Our Core Values: Part 2

The next blog post in our series of uncovering our updated core values, we dive into values: We Put First Things First & Team Oriented.

As your company grows and evolves, it is important to reevaluate your collective values and goals. This is why we’ve refreshed our core values to better represent ourselves and our firm. During this multi-part Core Values Blog Series, we’ll take a deep dive into each of our six core values and how our team members specifically embody these values. 

Next up are our core values: We Put First Things First and We Are Team Oriented

Not only do we understand the importance of approaching each case with excellence, we understand the need to put First Things First. We know what’s most important right now and focus on what needs to be done, both at work and in our personal lives. Believe it or not, prioritizing what’s important isn’t something that happens naturally. It’s a skill that needs to be cultivated and practiced so that we can keep everyone on our team happy, healthy and balanced. We cultivate this by encouraging our attorneys to bring family – even the furry kind – to the office so their work and personal lives can come together in a safe and caring environment. Knowing how to identify what is truly important also translates well into how we support our clients. By helping clients avoid legal problems before they start, we can help them get back to the things they value most, whatever that may be. We know what’s most important right now and focus on what needs to be done first … sometimes it’s at work, sometimes it’s at home and in the words of Dr. Covey, sometimes it’s “sharpening the saw,” or prioritizing ourselves to ensure we are each putting our best foot forward.

Our flexible work environment enables our team to further First Things First by giving them the opportunity to pursue their passions and hobbies without feeling bogged down by work. For instance, Elijah Davis attributes Stanton Law with the “time to have a fulfilling and sustainable life outside of work.” He goes on to say, “I appreciate this flexibility by working on two separate permaculture lots, one of which is also quickly turning into an apiary for my beehives. These are hobbies that I get to experience during the week while planning around the weather, often during the workday, and not something that is relegated to the last hours of the weekend.” He is looking forward to hopefully having his first honey harvest this year.

In order to be successful in a flexible workplace, We Are Team Oriented. This mentality fosters the First Things First value because we understand that there are times when we may need to pick up slack at work while others are attending to outside obligations. Our team is comfortable accepting help from others, when needed. Our families understand when we have to prioritize work, and they know we’ll be right back as soon as we can. 

As office manager, there are few more team oriented than Lynda Fink. In the midst of a busy office and numerous responsibilities, she always works to help anyone who needs it and ensures a strong office culture. Erica McNicoll keeps the team on track by organizing and scheduling countless meetings, even working remotely from miles away. Controller Beth McCormack is also an active member of our team. Working behind the scenes, she acts as a critical team member at our office to always ensure clients are pleased. Beth wears multiple hats by assisting with billing and time management so the entire team can succeed. Attorney Heather Broadwater is always the first to volunteer for any task, big or small. Working to help keep everyone at a balanced workload, Heather is ready to help whenever someone calls. Attorney Evan Alberhasky is always on the lookout to originate more business for the firm’s overall success. As a hard worker always willing to go the extra mile, Evan maintains a line of clear communication with the other attorneys. 

As each of these team members demonstrate, being a true team player goes beyond cases and clients. Helping out our fellow team members and encouraging them to keep first things first are part of what make our team at Stanton Law so unique, and it’s what empowers us to be ready and able to help all of our clients, no matter their needs.