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Team NewsMay 5, 2023by Stanton LawA New Look at Our Core Values: Part 3

We believe we have a better way of approaching business law. Discover the final 3 core values we believe it takes to make that happen.

At Stanton Law, we like to do things a little differently. By reorienting our priorities as a law firm to focus on the things that truly matter most, we can grow as a firm, and as individuals. So, how do we do it? 

We already covered a few of our updated core values here and here, so now we’ll discuss our final three: 

  • We are Courageous
  • We are Right-Sized and Not Self-Important
  • We are Open

We are Courageous

We know there’s something missing from the traditional way of practicing law and having the confidence to create a different and better way of approaching the industry takes more than a little courage. Thankfully, we are willing to take the risk and invest in ourselves and our clients because of the family we have built over the years. Made up of a network of professionals across fields and clients who love our methodology as much as we do, we know we have the support we need to remain courageous in the pursuit of our values. When it comes to courage, Partner David Adams is a prime example. Working to support his family, he balances a busy schedule with clients and travel, creating a better way of life for himself and his children, while setting an example for everyone around him. Just as David works to build the life he wants, Partner Paul Knowlton is working to reinvent his own practice, a courageous endeavor to say the least. After years spent as an engineer, a patent attorney, a corporate lawyer, business and nonprofit leader, CEO, a mediator and master’s-level pastoral counselor, Paul has combined all his strengths to create a brand new service offering called The Toolbox: Life & Career Crossroads.

We are Right-Sized and Not Self-Important

We strive to focus on the things that matter most for a balanced work and personal life, in and outside of our office. While growth is important, we work to ensure it is never prioritized over the very people we’ve promised to serve. Our commitment to maintaining our ability to provide each and every client with the one-on-one attention they deserve is part of what truly sets Stanton Law apart from the rest. We have also mastered the art of keeping each other humble, making sure we never take ourselves too seriously. We laugh hardest at our own flubs, recognize (indeed, thrive under) sarcasm, and take a shot, as well as we give one, all in good nature. We have no prima donnas. Attorney Heather Broadwater and Clerk Fazeleh Yahyaei-Moayyed have exemplified this particularly well, striking the perfect balance of professionalism and humor as they help colleagues stay grounded in their success and supported in their struggles. 

We are Open.

Through these values and a strong sense of self, we are open to each other, ourselves, and our clients. Trust is built through honesty and openness. This can be an intimidating thing to ask of our clients, so we always take the first plunge. By proving we are open and honest with ourselves, we work to earn trust rather than demand it. When it comes to being open and authentic, Controller Beth McCormack, Partner Anna Grant, and Attorney Erika Pitzel are great examples of people who work tirelessly to build genuine and lasting relationships with those around them. These relationships are established with trust and vulnerability, and it is through that trust and vulnerability that Stanton Law will continue to work to change the way law is practiced, one joy-filled day at a time.  

Walking through updating and sharing these values has been such an incredible experience for our team. We have seen who we really are — at our core — and who we want to be. Let us know what you think! Follow us on LinkedIn and share how you’ve seen these values in action through your interactions with our firm.