Our Clients

How can we make your life better?

Regardless of size or station in the business cycle, clients come to Stanton Law with important, uncertain, and risky issues. We strive to address each of these elements, providing timely attention, objective analysis, and pragmatic options from which you can make better decisions, and quickly.

Large Enterprises

Some of the most recognizable companies in the country trust our team to help clear the clutter from their legal departments’ desks, letting their general counsel focus on strategic business issues rather than tedium. The Home Depot, Newell Brands, Winpak, Ciox Health, Jadex, Neenah Paper, Inc., Kajima and SnapNurse are among the industry leaders who have discovered our value as a nimble and responsive partner. We recognize the importance of staying within budget, and efficiently responding to the discrete issues with which we’re tasked. We thrive on handling the issues larger companies (and law firms) do not have time to work through.

Mid-Size Employers

Middle-market companies (those with more than a hundred employees and seven-figure revenue) often find themselves at a confusing crossroads when it comes to legal services. Companies like Batson-Cook Construction, Infinite Recruiting Resources, J&S Chemical, TurnerBoone, Romanoff Renovations, Conklin Metal Industries, Crate Services, Inc., Networx, Sterling Seacrest Pritchard, and Russell Landscape Group need sharp, sophisticated, and actionable advice. These businesses do not have the budget or inclination to deal with high-rise, white-shoe lawyers. On important contracts and transactions, employment disputes, benefits questions, and intellectual property concerns, our down-to-earth, business-oriented counsel helps mid-sized companies focus on their clients, customers, and core business.

Start-ups, Mom & Pops, and Ascending Companies

We are entrepreneurs ourselves and appreciate the tightrope new and growing companies walk daily. Small businesses, such as our friends at Hummingbird Firm, Quality Construction & Plumbing, The Black Doc, J Squared Plumbing, Candler Park Market, Atlanta Post Caps, and Copper Sky Renovations, want to do the right thing, stay in compliance, and treat their customers and employees well. Our smaller clients don’t have the bandwidth to distill answers from frustrating legal jargon, and want affordable and accessible recommendations. We frame issues in a business language from small shops can act quickly and get back to work. As a partner, we want to help grow your small business, not mire it in lawyer’s bills.


Some of Our Satisfied Clients

"The Stanton Law team has become a true business partner for Batson-Cook Construction. They’re responsive, economical, and direct, and we appreciate that they offer a unique perspective on our issues."
— Nancy BlackVice President, Human Resources, and Corporate Secretary, Batson-Cook Company
”Since 2014, our legal department has trusted Stanton Law to provide a solid work product and reliable value. We know when we send them a project, it’ll be taken care of professionally and without unnecessary hassle or drama. They make my job easier and give me one less thing to worry about.”
— Shay ZeemerChief Employment & International Counsel, Newell Brands
“We came to Stanton Law after having spent four months and nearly $40,000 in legal fees with a big firm disputing a FLSA allegation from a disgruntled former employee. They promptly got control of the situation and resolved the matter in just a few weeks for less than $12,000 in fees. Their team has continued to offer informed business counsel to our company with every additional project. I only wish I’d engaged them sooner.”
— Broderick JacksonOwner, J Squared Plumbing
“Our business moves really fast and issues, particularly around people and policy, spring up out of nowhere. Stanton Law is consistently responsive, providing actionable advice at really reasonable fees.”
— Daveenia BellerCEO, Infinite Resource Solutions