Authentic Approach

Our non-traditional, direct approach helps us get to know you and your goals.

Practical Advice

We provide practical and efficient advice to solve business problems.

Transparent Solutions

Our clear, concise solutions prioritize what's important and always put your business needs above our bottom line.

Protect Your Business From Costly Legal Issues

Legal disputes can be confusing, time-consuming, and budget-busting, especially for businesses who didn’t plan on a large legal spend. Stanton Law helps you regain your footing and make more informed decisions.

Do you feel a lack of control of your legal issues?
Are you tired of aggressive attorneys and legal jibber-jabber?
Unsure how much your legal problems are really costing your business?

OUR SERVICESFocus more on growing your business and less on legal problems

We put your business problems to rest while you get back to work. Our efficient, budget-conscious solutions help you make smarter decisions from the get-go and help resolve the issues you don’t have the time to deal with.
Some of the issues we can help with:

Stanton Law's Simple Process


Step 1

Get Up to Speed

Invest in a flat-rate consultation to learn about your issue and see if we’re a good fit.


Step 2

Solve Your Problem

If you choose us and need a more traditional engagement, we’ll agree on a strategy and budget estimate. Then you leave the legal to us.


Step 3

Enjoy Growing Your Business

Gain confidence knowing your issues are being handled with an eye on your goals and your bottom line.

Some of Our Satisfied Clients

“Stanton Law has proven to be a true asset to me and the companies for which I work. Their human relations advice is accurate and tailored to meet the needs of any organization’s unique culture. They are always available to take our calls and provide quick, practical answers to our questions.”
— HBGeneral Counsel for 300+ Employee International Technology Company
“Stanton Law has been providing employment counsel for us since almost day one. Through their guidance, we’ve been able to develop policies and practices that have kept pace as we’ve grown from a local services firm, to our current position as a leading software supplier to some of the largest companies across the world. Their dedication to the entrepreneur is obvious.”
— Joe LeComptePrincipal of
“I’ve represented plaintiffs in employment disputes for more than 20 years. As an opposing counsel, Stanton Law has earned my respect as tough and fair litigators. They represent their clients intently and with a civility that helps prevent even the most contested issues from devolving into expensive and disruptive disputes.”
— M.B.Employee Rights Attorney
“I’ve relied for years on Stanton Law's employment law advice for my clients. I trust them to take care of issues quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively. Having them as a resource helps me better serve and stay in closer touch with the businesses I represent.”
— M.P.Corporate Attorney in Private Practice