Transactional Law

Transactional Law

At Stanton Law, our transactional attorneys counsel individuals and organizations on legal issues surrounding their business dealings. We focus on business solutions to legal questions.

Commercial transactions, even those part of most daily business operations, can have high stakes. But whether the situation is straightforward or complex, our lawyers provide an extensive range of legal services for companies of all sizes. Our work is designed to preserve our clients’ interest, ensure your rights are protected and benefits maximized at every stage of the business cycle. That includes formation, daily operations, vendor relations, real estate/leasing matters, and, especially, mergers and acquisitions.

Whether you are conducting simple point-of-sale transactions or a complex buy/sell, we help make sure your contracts are clear and compliant, your finances (and financing) are in order, and your rights and responsibilities are express. More than that, we make sure you understand the process and the reasoning behind each step. We have a long history of guiding professionals in business finance, accounting, taxation, securities and wealth management.

As corporate transactions grow more complex, the knowledge and skill of the attorneys handling them become crucial. Each decision of a transaction has the potential to affect all aspects of your business. Our transactional attorneys take a proactive role in advising our clients of preventable legal problems before they happen.

We offer various corporate legal services including incorporation, shareholder agreements, and employment contracts. We also have extensive experience drafting and responding to loan agreements, franchise agreements, in addition to other more general contract work.

With over 30 years of experience with business transactions, let us show you how we can grow and protect your businesses.

We find business solutions to minimize legal problems.