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General BusinessMarch 4, 2021by Stanton LawPaul Knowlton Joins Stanton Law

Stanton Law LLC is proud to announce that Paul Knowlton is joining the firm as Counsel. Paul, who holds a Master in Divinity in addition to his law degree, brings years of experience as a patent and intellectual property attorney as well as a focus in family and estate planning, business law and consulting, and nonprofit.

Paul was a forensic engineer at Georgia-Pacific. In that role, he was involved in conflict resolution and became interested in law school. Upon graduation from Georgia State University’s College of Law, he joined a boutique intellectual property (IP) firm, which was later acquired by Kilpatrick Stockton, and ultimately became a patent attorney. He left Kilpatrick to help found the IP practice of a local law firm, then started his own IP firm, and later joined another local IP boutique as director, charged with rebranding and restructuring the firm.

Following those experiences, Paul realized he wanted to practice in a different way and ultimately decided to enter seminary at Mercer University. He combined his interests in pastoral care, counseling, and community service with his legal background and, after graduation, took on the role of chief executive officer of Morningstar Children and Family Services in Brunswick. He also joined the Mercer University Center for Theology and Public Life as a principal, and continues to research and write about the spiritual and ethical aspects of public issues.

In 2019, Paul founded a solo practice, Ubercounsel, that brought together all aspects of his roles as both a lawyer and pastoral counselor. He developed a family care practice that included estate planning and dispute resolution, a business law and consulting practice, and professional development and coaching services. Paul became involved in the Georgia Bar’s wellness committee and there met Stanton Law’s Dani Berry. The two have worked together on continuing legal education programs as well as projects for Dani’s wellness venture, Wellworks Consulting. 

While working with Dani, Paul became intrigued with Stanton Law’s work-life integration philosophy. The firm’s ability to serve clients well while also serving attorneys’ needs inspired Paul to join Stanton Law.

At Stanton Law, Paul will expand upon his current practice areas and offer conflict resolution, nonprofit law and counseling, business-side estate and succession planning, intellectual property, and other legal services to current Stanton Law clients. He will also continue his wellness efforts and writing. His book, Better Capitalism: Jesus, Adam Smith, Ayn Rand, and MLK Jr. on Moving from Plantation to Partnership Economics (Wipf and Stock, May 2021).

Stanton Law has created a unique approach that allows attorneys to shape and build their own practices, as well as set personal billable hours and marketing goals. Attorneys are professionally challenged while being able to maintain personal objectives. The firm continues to expand and is currently seeking attorneys at all levels.