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Wage PaymentJanuary 15, 2020by Stanton LawUpdate to Georgia’s Required Separation Notice: Form DOL 800

by Todd Stanton.

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In Georgia, employers must provide exiting employees with a Separation Notice when the employee leaves employment. This is because employment and earnings information is necessary to make unemployment benefit determinations and the employer’s potential “chargeability” for such benefits. Individual employees are provided with form DOL 800. This form (and other Separation Notices) is available at the Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) website.

Last summer, House Bill 373 was signed into law. Effective July 1, 2019, unemployment insurance claims have an increased minimum Weekly Benefit Amount (WBA) of $55 (previously $45). The maximum WBA is now $365 (previously $330). As a result, GDOL has updated question six on form DOL 800. It now asks whether an employee earned at least $7,300 during employment, rather than $3,500 during employment.

Employers should confirm they are using the correct form DOL 800. It’s especially important since Separation Notice errors could result in unnecessary or increased unemployment premiums. Don’t make that mistake!

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