CAREERS AT STANTON LAWJoin the Team at Stanton Law and build a great life.

Stanton Law LLC is a non-traditional, entrepreneurial law firm offering balance to attorneys who seek challenging work that fits their everyday life and responsibilities. Our casual, dog-friendly offices allow collaboration with other team members and a convenient place to meet clients, while our cloud-based technology platform affords our lawyers the choice to work remotely when it suits them. Stanton Law LLC’s transparent compensation structure rewards attorneys not only for the work they do, but also for the work they bring in, as well as the work they supervise. We recognize that being a lawyer means different things to different folks, and we’ve built a Firm that lets our attorneys choose how to be the lawyer – and person – they want to be.

We are currently seeking Senior Associates and Partner-level attorneys with business-side practices and a proactive, ownership mentality. With our flexible structure, we are less susceptible to economic swings, and we are currently expanding even as other firms pull back. We seek both large-firm attorneys who want a different environment, as well as solo practitioners considering the benefits of being part of a team.

Learn more below about joining us in our desire to cultivate a non-traditional, entrepreneurial law firm by which we create and maintain fulfilling and sustainable lives in and out of work.
Here’s how Stanton Law works:
Attorney Freedom

Our attorneys are free to build their own practices to meet their specific goals and lifestyle requirements. There are no facetime or billable hours minimums.

Development & Growth

Stanton attorneys can decide whether they spend their time rainmaking, managing current relationships, or billing hours (on their or other attorneys’ matters). We foster all aspects of attorney development and growth, but ultimately each attorney gets to choose their path.

Ongoing Support

We provide administrative, associate, and business development support for attorneys to become business leaders. We combine the perks of a traditional mid-size firm with the freedom, flexibility, and upside of an entrepreneurial opportunity.

RESULTS DRIVENAnd it is working…here are some individual results:

  • Attorney A brought in $245,000 of work and supervised a $600,000 book of business, while billing just 1,200 hours. Total compensation: $244,000.
  • Attorney B originated $57,000 in new business, while supervising $400,000 of work and logging only 725 billable hours. Total comp: $137,000.
  • Attorney C billed 525 hours with $122,000 of originations and $157,000 in supervised work. Total compensation: $82,000.

At Stanton Law, we make each attorney’s work situation both professionally and financially rewarding. We also offer health insurance, a retirement plan, expense accounts, and other (desired) trappings of a larger law firm without all the political and bureaucratic nonsense.

Our Firm recognizes you have a choice about where you work, and we’ve invested in our belief that happy, satisfied, and balanced lawyers make better teammates and practitioners. Come join us and see why Stanton Law’s employees are our most important clients. Send your resume to [email protected] or contact us (404) 537-3464

Testimonials from Stanton Law Attorneys

“I joined Stanton Law because I wanted a more flexible work schedule, yet one with quality attorneys and a good firm culture. Stanton has put together a group of attorneys who get along and respect each other. At Stanton Law, I am compensated at large-firm levels but still have time for other parts of my life, like parenting, writing, and volunteering.”
“Stanton Law allows me to self-direct my life – to not only control my billable hours and marketing efforts, but to also build my own practice and fit it around the rest of my life. At Stanton, I have ownership and choice. With the independence to create a practice that best suits my life, Stanton Law has given me real security and stability in my legal career.”
“I joined Stanton Law because I believed it would provide me the platform, flexibility, and support to build my own practice, while still working with highly skilled attorneys in a collegial, warm, and supportive environment and having time to devote to my family and community.”
“The flexibility offered at Stanton Law allows me to run my side business, practice law and have an active personal life. There is no billable hour requirement, and I am able to choose where and when I want to work.”