Paul Knowlton
  • B.S., Temple University
  • J.D., Georgia State University College of Law
  • MDiv (Pastoral Counseling), Mercer University
Bar & Court Admissions
  • Georgia Bar
  • U.S. District Court, Northern District of Georgia
  • U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
  • State Bar of Georgia Lawyer Assistance Program Committee
  • State Bar of Georgia Attorney Wellness Committee
  • Better Capitalism: Jesus, Adam Smith, Ayn Rand, and MLK Jr. on Moving from Plantation to Partnership Economics
Can Speak To You About
  • Conflict and Dispute Resolution
  • Nonprofit Law and Counseling
  • Succession & Estate Planning
  • Intellectual Property

Paul Knowlton


Paul is a multidisciplinary consultant with the lived experience of an adventurous and prosperous business career. As an engineer he designs and executes on ideas; as a patent attorney he creates value around intellectual property; as a corporate lawyer, business and nonprofit leader, and turn-around CEO he creates effective solutions to business challenges; and as a mediator and master’s-level pastoral counselor he brings discernment and clarity to individuals and teams.

When challenging opportunities presented themselves and while still practicing law, Paul accepted and successfully executed the roles of Manager-Member, Director, Principal, and CEO in the private and non-profit sectors, as well as academia. Paul has experienced the weight of leadership done well, the hum of the corporate jet from the inside, and the contentment that comes in achieving his own goals while helping others achieve theirs. Isn’t this the person you want walking your journey with you?

Paul’s business and leadership successes are a natural fit for the Why and trajectory of Stanton Law. He has since launched the Stanton Law consulting practice, which focuses on helping business owners transform from their current situation by helping them define their vision, develop the strategic goals in support of their vision, and execute on those goals.

“Work as unto the Lord, that’s THE superpower and priceless value add.”

With a personal motto embraced from Helen Keller, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all,” Paul’s adventurous and entrepreneurial career is no surprise. His personal life rides the same currents. A former motorcycle instructor and IBA extreme rider, NAUI certified diver, Glock armorer, seminary graduate, and co-author of the Amazon No. 1 new release Better Capitalism (Wipf & Stock, 2021), Paul is extraordinarily equipped to help you transform your business toward your vision. Schedule a free consultation with Paul to see for yourself.