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Team NewsNovember 11, 2021by Todd Stanton10 Years in One Word: Grateful

If I could sum up this week in one word, it would be grateful. Give me two? Excited. The celebrations, affirmations, reminders and look back over all that we have accomplished in the past decade have left me humbled and grateful. Grateful for every person who has played a role in getting us here — team members, colleagues, clients and the families supporting each of us — and even more excited to build toward the future and pursue what’s next. Our firm is actively recruiting ambitious, ownership-minded attorneys who are looking for a better way to practice law. Stanton Law was founded to help attorneys enjoy a more integrated and pleasant way to work. 

This goal to cultivate a non-traditional, entrepreneurial law firm that builds fulfilling and sustainable personal and professional lives is as important as ever. We are excited to partner with attorneys who are approachable and driven to produce results, while also balancing the important over the urgent.

As a firm, we continue to plan toward emphasizing our practical and business-oriented approach to what other lawyers see as only legal problems. We will pursue opportunities to work alongside forward-thinking clients, who appreciate the value and solutions we provide. Together, we will continue to take proactive and supportive care of businesses and individuals who have come to trust Stanton Law over the past decade. 

Thank you to every person who has been part of Stanton Law Decade One, and welcome to Decade Two. Let’s get to work, together.