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UncategorizedMay 7, 2020by Stanton LawStanton Law Webinar: Wellbeing for Business Leaders – Navigating the New Normal

Navigating the FLSA Tip Credit: Who and What Qualifies, Valid Tip Pools, and Other Things You Need to Know

For more than two months, we’ve all been living with the highly stressful conditions caused by COVID-19. Our lives have been completely disrupted, causing a variety of emotions that we’re not used to feeling – fear, anxiety and grief. Our lack of control, combined with all the negativity communicated through the media, only makes matters worse.

We are literally all in this together (worldwide), and the stress we’re feeling is a normal human reaction. Join Stanton Law attorney and Wellworks Consulting founder Dani Berry as she discusses how you can build the skills needed to identify, manage, and override stress. While the discussion is geared toward business owners, executives, attorneys, and other leaders, anyone facing significant stress levels will learn how to ride the current, rather than fight it.

Date: Thursday, May 14, 2020

Time: 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.

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Topics include:

    • Understanding the science of stress, including common symptoms and reactions
    • Framing a smart, sustainable response that improves mental and emotional wellness
    • Cultivating resilience, patience and gratitude (while stuck at home)
    • Resources available to help attorneys and their teams cope with the emotional aspects of the COVID-19 crisis


This event is sponsored by Stanton Law and Wellworks Consulting.