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Respectful WorkplaceHR Best PracticesDecember 6, 2019by Stanton LawHow to Avoid Office Holiday Party Lawsuits – Part 2

Navigating the FLSA Tip Credit: Who and What Qualifies, Valid Tip Pools, and Other Things You Need to Know

Last year, we provided holiday tips for avoiding lawsuits. With office parties just around the corner, we wanted to follow up with some further suggestions and tips on FMLA leave and the holidays. It’s the perfect gift from an Atlanta employment attorney to business owners and managers.

No Mistletoe

It’s all fun and games until someone gets uncomfortable. Remind employees that gifts need to be appropriate, which means no mistletoe or anything prone to innuendo. If you haven’t had training on sexual harassment recently, it’s a good time to start planning for that. In the meantime, it’s helpful to send a quick email with some guidelines for the office party.

No Work, All Play

It might seem cost effective to have cake and wine in the breakroom. But self-serve alcohol is generally a risky approach. Hosting a party at a restaurant or venue means third-party establishments play a role in responsibility and insurance for injuries associated with food and drink.

Here are some tips on avoiding wage and hour claims:

  1. Hold the office party offsite and outside of business hours.
  2. Make it clear attendance is voluntary and not paid working time.
  3. Instruct senior staff not to bring up shoptalk.
  4. Do not assign party tasks to employees.

Get Ahead of Claims with an Atlanta Employment Attorney

If you would like help updating policies or training employees in time for the holidays, an employment law expert can help. Please contact the experienced Atlanta business attorneys at Stanton Law. Email Todd Stanton or Manori de Silva, or give us a call at 404-531-2341. We can help you understand your risks and responsibilities.

Happy Holidays!