We can help your organization develop and implement the following:

  • Employee policy handbooks and manuals, including social media guidelines
  • Accurate and comprehensive job descriptions
  • Harassment and discrimination prevention policies
  • Equal employment opportunity compliance programs
  • Standardized drug and employment testing
  • FCRA-compliant background checks
  • HR Best-Practices Audits
Preventative and Counseling Services

Stanton Law is not just about representation when a dispute arises, we’re also here to help keep routine workplace issues from becoming big problems in the first place. Indeed, often disruptive employment-related disputes can be minimized, if not avoided altogether, through a careful approach early in the process, so Stanton Law is standing by 24-7 to provide proactive counseling designed to meet your objectives without subjecting the company to undue risk.  Responsiveness is a hallmark of our practice.

In many cases, employee issues result from a lack of clear communication. Accordingly, we regularly provide formal training for employers and their managers on what is and is not acceptable in the eyes of the law, as well as for employees to help them understand their rights and obligations in a respectful workplace. Stanton Law will also assist you in preparing policies and procedures that clearly establish your company’s workplace expectations, and ensure that there are no misunderstandings with respect to job responsibilities, work rules, or each employee’s obligations.

Ask any employer who has been faced with allegations of discrimination or harassment, or any other kind of employment law dispute and they’ll agree – a proactive approach to workplace disputes is the most economical course to take.