Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Should your company find itself in front of an administrative agency (such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or similar state agency) or faced with an employment-related lawsuit, Stanton Law is here to provide you with the best counsel. Our focus is always on what is going to help your business continue to run smoothly, and we will work to ensure that any litigation issues will not disrupt your everyday affairs any more than they have to.

From a straightforward response to the initial charge of discrimination, to our cost-effective litigation strategies, to our proven advocacy skills, Stanton Law provides a vigorous defense against an employee’s allegations. We never forget that being accused of discrimination or harassment is a very personal, and likely hurtful, ordeal, and we’re here to make sure that the record is set straight.

In many cases, however, an aggressive, adversarial approach is not in anyone’s best interest. Instead, finding a creative answer to the problem – focusing on an efficient solution, not just the dispute – provides the most benefit. Often these resolutions can be reached with a few phone calls. In other situations, engaging a mediator early in the process can head off thousands in legal fees.

There is no one-size-fits-all fix to employment disputes and an objective perspective is critical to finding the approach that will get everyone back to work with the fewest headaches (and least amount of money). Stanton Law can help you decide which direction is best for your company.