A business asset,
not a business expense.

At Stanton Law, we specialize in seeing legal and business issues from management’s point of view, and we’re committed to helping owners, managers, and entrepreneurs remain focused on growing their companies and implementing their ideas. With experience as management-side employment and business lawyers, we can help companies avoid the legal headaches that challenge every business without sacrificing managerial efficiency. For issues that range from helping with HR policies and compensation plans to providing guidance through disciplinary, performance, and leave issues to corporate transaction advice, negotiating client contracts and executing respectful and amicable separations, Stanton Law provides bottom line-oriented legal advice to small and medium-sized employers.

In our increasingly litigious society, making sure management has trusted legal advisors to provide counsel on business transactions and spot potential employment law issues is critical. The representation we deliver to our clients gives them peace of mind that their legal matters will be handled efficiently and problems resolved to a satisfactory outcome, all while allowing business leaders to concentrate on what matters most: running their companies and serving their customers.

Stanton Law handles more than just day-to-day employment issues. Indeed, our expanded service-menu includes both corporate and employment counsel, combining the perspective of experienced large firm lawyers with seasoned commercial and business advisors. This depth of knowledge allows us to effectively advise companies large and small, foreign and domestic, established and start-up, with respect to complex employment issues, litigation, commercial contracts, corporate structuring and governance, and merger and acquisition transactions. We have lawyers who have worked in Europe, speak various European languages, and who are able to bridge the gap for European parent companies seeking to do business in the U.S. Conversely, we work with our network of contacts in Europe to assist U.S. companies expanding to Europe.

Stanton Law’s practical, civil approach to business and workplace issues sets us apart from other counsel. Above all, we are committed to providing cost-effective legal representation. We understand that no one likes paying lawyers, so our competitive hourly rate structure is designed with your profitability in mind. We also offer a variety of fixed-fee arrangements that deliver the high-quality services our clients expect while adding certainty and predictability to their budgets.

We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your business and explore ways we that we can help each other grow. Call us and let’s get going.

— Todd